KAV Sports Portola 3D Printed Bicycle Helmet: Updated for 2022

kav sports portola helmet review

“We create helmets, not headaches. 3D Printing enables us to make a custom fit, high performance helmet, just for you. It also frees us up to engineer the heck out of your helmet by creating energy absorbing structures not possible with traditional manufacturing.” – KAV Sports

kav sports portola helmet review

“Rather than use the industry-standard EPS foam, our team has developed a proprietary polymer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and carbon fiber. Our custom blend creates a helmet that is 20% lighter, maintains impact strength up to -30°C, and doesn’t absorb sweat or odors over time.”

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Kav Portola Helmet

“The KAV Portola Helmet is 3D printed and customized to your exact measurements. Our proprietary carbon fiber copolymer blend ensures safety that exceeds all CPSC safety standards.”

kav sports portola helmet review

“Each helmet begins with a fit kit (which we send to you after purchase) and a virtual one-on-one fit session to establish your custom helmet measurements. The result is, the best helmet Made For You–with no more pressure points, headaches, or dials to adjust.”

kav sports portola helmet review

100% Crash Replacement Program

“Our crash replacement program has you covered. You receive a one-time 100% replacement of the same model during your entire five-year warranty. Just send your helmet back to us so we can analyze it and make improvements if needed.”

kav sports portola helmet review

5 Year Warranty

“We have the best warranty in the industry. Other brands offer one-year limited coverage and say you need to replace a helmet every three years, not us! Every helmet is covered by a five-year warranty from the date of purchase.”

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