Inside SPURCYCLE: Bells, Minimalist Tools & More

spurcycle titanium tool review
Welcome to Spurcycle HQ – Bend, Oregon!

“Spurcycle is rooted in practicality and rewarding relationships. We’re the team behind a carefully executed collection of bicycle accessories that have become iconic favorites for many. They work well and look good when new and when old. They avoid fad and don’t beg upgrade as technology evolves. Put simply, they’re rewarding to own for a long time—especially when put to use regularly.” –

Inside Spurcycle HQ Tour

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew joins co-Founder, Nick Stone, for a look inside the company’s small but efficient, Bend, Oregon, operations facility. Be sure to visit the Spurcycle website, for all variants of their famous bell, and the excellent “Tool” – “A minimalist titanium tool designed to keep close in your jersey pocket. Ready to use without initiating a search and rescue procedure just to dig it out of your saddle bag.”

spurcycle factory tour
Parts to assemble the Titanium Tool (minimalist multi-tool)

Continued from Above:

“Our Bells have been widely imitated. We continue to ensure Spurcycle efforts in design and manufacturing are worth following—exhaustively engineering like a much bigger company but with the soul of a fabricator’s garage. This doesn’t mean dressing exceptional fit and finish in a “built by hand” catch phrase.”

spurcycle factory tour
Everything Spurcycle is assembled in-house

“We’re at the center of a manufacturing network with extensive capabilities in machining, stamping, and forming. This is our collective “shop”, originally equipped with basic mill and lathe, grown over the years to include a hundred times more equipment and global expertise. Diverse fabrication options keep our design process open and let more ideas take shape. In everything you see marked with our logo, there are a few things we promise ourselves and our customers. Anything we make will be…”

  • Durable and serviceable.
  • Aesthetically and functionally refined.
  • Priced to accurately reflect how it’s built and the functional value it delivers.
  • Made without gaps in responsibility.

spurcycle factory tour

“With this we ultimately expect to deliver joy that lasts long after leaving the checkout counter and endures beyond passing fashionability, more trips by bike and less worthless stuff.”

spurcycle factory tour
Specialist fixtures, bells are made in small batches
spurcycle bell review
Raw bell domes before finishing
spurcycle bell review
This machine polishes the bell dome; the 4th iteration of this machine
spurcycle bell review
L: Finished Bell, R: Raw Bell

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