Inside 2021 Big Sugar NWA Gravel: Bentonville, Arkansas!

big sugar gravel 2021 video
Rolling out from Bentonville, Arkansas

“A Weekend in the Bluffs.”

“Designed to be challenging and rewarding with elevation gain throughout, loose gravel and pavement only at the start and finish, Big Sugar offers something even more — an experience. As the producer of the event, Life Time has curated the course to include various terrains and picturesque views throughout, while taking place during the same weekend as the Outer Bike Festival providing an unforgettable ride and a one-of-a-kind experience.” – Big Sugar Gravel

Big Sugar Ride Experience Video

n this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew rides the 100+ mile Big Sugar Gravel course and meets all manner of friends along the way. This ride experience video shows off the beautiful scenery that is Northwest Arkansas / Southern Missouri. A tough and challenging course that will test the mettle of most gravel cyclists!

Continued from above. Two Events:

Big Sugar Gravel (the subject of this video)

“A 100-mile gravel race in the remote and rugged highlands of the Ozark Mountains. Expect this to be one of the most challenging gravel courses featuring picturesque, rarely maintained, canopy-covered gravel roads with loose, rocky gravel, a few pavement sections, and a few water crossings and bridges. If you like to ride in the dirt, venture off into stunning landscapes and share an experience with fellow cyclists, Big Sugar Gravel is a race reserved for you.”

big sugar gravel 2021 video

‘Lil Sugar Gravel

“A 50-mile gravel race located in the highlands but designed for recreational cyclists. Lil Sugar is a challenging, shorter-distance option, designed to serve as an introduction to endurance cycling and a “stepping stone” towards the Big Sugar. Tackle the Little Sugar this year, then go for the full 100 miles the following year.”

big sugar gravel 2021 video

Additional Photos from the Video

big sugar gravel 2021 video

big sugar gravel 2021 video

big sugar gravel 2021 video
At left, Sam Mazer hits the deck, but she was A-OK
big sugar gravel 2021 video
Sam Mazer & JOM rode many miles together
big sugar gravel 2021 video
No worries, the mud & crap washes off
big sugar gravel 2021 video
We got a little dirty
big sugar gravel 2021 video
JOM of Gravel Cyclist with piggy friend
big sugar gravel 2021 video
Naturally, you enjoy a beer Mid-Race
big sugar gravel 2021 video
The steep climb out of Whistling Springs Brewery
big sugar gravel 2021 video
Ascending the climb out of the Brewery

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