Hold Fast Cycling: Tubeless Tape, Valves, Bleed Kits, Bar Tape: Sea Otter 2022

hold fast cycling tubeless tape review

“Purveyor of the finest tubeless supplies, the best bleed kits and the world’s fastest chains. Hold Fast is the MacLeod family motto. While there are several stories of how it came to be, each one involves a MacLeod Chief wrestling a bull to the ground. Whatever the true story may be, they all have the same message… Never back down, never give up, and never give in.” – Hold Fast Cycling

Video from Sea Otter 2022

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Hold Fast Cycling Tubeless Tape

“The truth about tubeless tape is that it’s not really anything proprietary or special. It’s not even really designed for bikes. No matter how much marketing BS (and cost) the other bike companies add to their tape, it’s just tape. The only issue is that you need to buy it in massive bulk to get it at reasonable prices. So here it is at realistic pricing. This is hands down the best tape I’ve ever used. It works on everything… carbon, alloy, wide, narrow, road and mountain. It just works all the time. It’s also made right here in the USA!”

hold fast cycling tubeless tape review

Custom Tubeless Valves

“Whether you want it all to match, some parts to stand out, or a complete smorgasbord, it’s up to you. Green, Red, Blue, Gold, Black, Bronze, Oil Slick, Pewter, Pink, Turquoise, Silver, Orange, Purple.”

hold fast cycling tubeless valves review

Bleed Kits

For Shimano, DOT 5.1, Reverb, Rockshox, Magura, and more.

hold fast cycling bleed kit review

hold fast cycling tubeless tape review
Extra Long Handlebar Tape

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