VIDEO: Heartbreaker Cycling Invitational Charity Ride 2015

Tuesday, Gravel Cyclist documented the story behind last weekend’s Heartbreaker Cycling Invitational Charity Ride.  Now it’s time to present the ride video, mostly from the perspective of the group chasing the Gainesville “World Champion Jersey”.  Thank you to Rusty Dosh, K-Dogg and Dr. Pain for their contributions to this video.

Please enjoy the 4th running of the Heartbreaker Cycling Invitational Charity Ride in the beauty of High Definition!

Thanks for watching.

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  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Nice job Jayson!

    What stands out is how Cycle Logic / Bike Works so completely controlled the pace and the game. We stayed at the front until we didn’t have to. Then we stayed some more.

    I’m thinking the mountain bikers need to learn the way of the roadie.

    Fun for all regardless. Then again they are fine where they are.


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