Guaranteed for Life: Enduro Bearings MAXhit Bottom Brackets & Headsets

enduro bearings maxhit bottom bracket review

“Enduro Bearings are the unsung heroes on all of my bikes. They keep me running smoothly regardless of what I put them through” – Geoff Kabush on behalf of Enduro Bearings

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Coming in 2022, “MAXhit headsets and bottom brackets with bigger balls for bigger hits, guaranteed for life.” Enduro are so confident, they back every product in this line with a lifetime guarantee against wear and corrosion! Unheard of in the cycling industry.

enduro bearings maxhit headset review

Above: At lower right, a traditional zero stack headset configuration, which includes cartridge bearing and drop in spacer for your frame. Just above, the MAXhit zero stack solution.

MAXhit Zero Stack Headsets

Traditionally, zero stack headsets use a bearing cup pressed into the frame, with a full bearing assembly inside. MAXhit ditches the extra layers of metal, and the bearings roll directly on the cup. Advantages; larger 440C stainless steel ball bearings which should also make the entire unit tougher, hence the name MAXhit. The design applies to upper and lower cups.

enduro bearings maxhit headset review

MAXhit Bottom Brackets

As Geoff Kabush states above, the bottom bracket one of the better known unsung heroes of your bicycle. Traditional bottom brackets typically suffer wear and corrosion issues, attributed to using undersized ball bearings, and other design factors. The MAXhit design eliminates the bearing cups, and increases the size of the 440C stainless steel bearings outer bearing race, effectively making them the bottom bracket shell interface. The larger balls are nested in deeper than normal bearing race grooves, which increases surface area and thus, enhances durability and performance.

enduro bearings maxhit bottom bracket review

Available in BSA30, BSA DUB (SRAM), and BSA24 (Shimano).

enduro bearings maxhit bottom bracket review
Bearing at right has seen over 1.5 million cycles, still smooth as butter
enduro bearings maxhit bottom bracket review
Hoping to acquire a review sample for an upcoming project bike…
enduro bearings maxhit bottom bracket review
Lifetime guarantee on this bottom bracket!

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