Gravel Cycling at Night: Fun Times on the Gravelly Road Less Traveled, Circa 2015!

gravel cycling at night

If you think riding around on the road less traveled in the daytime is fun, wait until you try riding at night time! Riders experience a whole new perspective of the experience, which includes learning the finer nuances of one’s local mixed-surface roads.

gravel cycling at night
Rolling away from town at Sunset

JOM of Gravel Cyclist first began riding on the gravelly road less traveled round 2006. K-Dogg of Gravel Cyclist began riding these roads in the 1980’s at night sans lights! These adventures began out of necessity, the need to train at night after the workday had finished in a safe and vehicle-free environment. Little did we realize where our pioneering days in the state in Florida would ultimately lead!

Gravel Cycling at Night with Commentary by JOM

This ride happened on February 10, 2015, with thrilling and sarcastic commentary provided by JOM. When Covid isn’t happening, the Gravel Cyclist crew and friends typically meet once or twice a week during the cool winter nights of North Central Florida, to ride hard in a safe and fun manner.

gravel cycling at night
A near crash? Check it out in the video above!

The Tuesday Night “Gravel Worlds Night Ride” is a spirited ride that encourages participants to leave nothing on the course. Ride as hard as you like on each mixed-surface sector, then regroup and ride together to the next sector, repeat.

gravel cycling at night time

This madness is a fun way to stay in shape during the Florida Winter, and something we look forward to in the future once Covid-19 is better under control. Not counting the indoor trainer, do you ride outside in the winter hours, alone or with friends? Feel free to chime in the comments below.

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  1. Avatar GCWANNABE

    That camera operator is brilliant. Smartest rider indeed. The selective editing by JOM removed all the blistering turns on the front by that master of the sand.

  2. Indoor trainer was never for me. Always training outside solo. That said living in the island of Montreal means riding in winter with temperature varying from 0 to minus 30 Celsius in a damp environment. Fortunately we have rideable remote areas here where it can be done without cars around; after a couple of hours riding in the freezing cold you are done. With Covid 19 I ride solo for sure. Winter riding grows on you.

    • JOM JOM

      Wow, I tip my hat to you. I was squawking last weekend during a long ride over 11 hours, 0 C at the start. I will never complain again!

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