VIDEO: Fried Green 50 Race 2014

About the Event

The Fried Green 50 is a 50 mile Gravel and Refuge road gravel grinder in the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge.  Rest stops and shorter ride options are in place for those not racing the mac daddy event.

It all begins and ends in the small river town of Juliette, GA, made famous in the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes“.  Event organized by Monte and the OMBA Club.

Event Video – Best viewed in HD!

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Thanks for watching!


  1. Kerry Duggan Kerry Duggan

    Um…..thanks Jayson but I was only off the front if you don’t count the 5 guys about 10 minutes ahead. My off the front were #’s 7-14 aproximately. The scenes where I was clawing my way back to the gruppo was for epic filming. It had nothing to do with being dropped on all the scary descents! No really!
    Great race, awesome course and zero cars. Wish I had time to hang out and pound beers.

  2. Avatar shey lindner

    Fun video, thanks Gravel Cyclist.

    • JOM JOM

      Thanks Shey, bummer I couldn’t make the FG50 (JOM). Catch you soon.

  3. Glad y’all came…next year let’s have a big camp out!….I regularly will scare up deer bedded down in the double track…no cars….no nothin.

    Excellent footage .. May have to edit in the run up!

    • JOM JOM

      Monte, I need to give K-Dogg lessons on how to operate the camera properly… he’s yet to film the finish of any race!!!

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