Featured Bike: Low// Bicycles MKIII Gravel Road – The Alumin(i)um Gravel Bike

“Low Bicycles is a small-scale manufacturer of some of the finest hand-crafted aluminum bicycle frames out there. We build bicycles that are desirable not simply because they are handmade in the U.S.A., but because they are well built, fast, beautiful, and above all else, capable of performing at the highest levels. We constantly strive to improve our bikes by growing and evolving with the cycling community that supports us. We invest countless hours in designing, testing, and most importantly, racing our frames in the real world. Through this process, we are irrevocably elevating cyclists’ perceptions of what a high quality aluminum bicycle can be.” – Andrew Low, Low Bicycles

low mkiii gravel bike review

“While the first two bikes in the MK Road Series are all business, this new addition is our most laid back and versatile bike in the lineup. That said, it wouldn’t be a LOW// if it wasn’t made to go fast. The MKIII Gravel Road is designed for long days in the saddle and exploring strange new (or old) roads at any speed you can handle.”

low mkiii gravel bike review

Low// Bicycles MKIII Gravel

“The MKIII road frame employs a similar custom extruded and shaped tubeset to the other frames in the MK Road Series, with some key, gravel specific differences. Smaller seat stays for more compliance and increased clearance in the chainstays, to allow for a wide range of tire sizes. Our gravel specific geometry features lower bottom bracket and slacker head tube angle for stability on larger tires on the open road. Taller head tube stack allows for a more relaxed riding position.”

This beautiful bike was part of the 2019 launch of Roval Component’s Terra CLX and CLX EVO line-up of carbon gravel wheels. The bike was supplied by Mike from Blacksmith Cycle of Toronto, Canada.

Blacksmith CycleRoval ComponentsLow Bicycles

Cover photo by Billy Sinkford of Echos Communication

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  1. Avatar Ed Figaniak

    What’s that wheelset?

    • JOM JOM

      Ed, scroll down the post… the answer is there.

  2. Avatar Ed

    Yeah, saw that in the article but didn’t look like that in the video, but could have been the angle I guess…

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