EVIL Chamois Hagar: Unboxing & Features of the Wildest Gravel Bike!

evil chamois hagar review

“The Chamois Hagar – Shred Comes to Gravel”

evil chamois hagar review

“Rather than start with a squirrely road bike and relaxing things into borderline manageable, we started with a mountain bike with shred surging through its veins and created the Chamois Hagar. It brings speed, stability, and that irrefutable Evil mischief to the otherwise safe and sensible drop-bar market. Is it a gravel destroyer? It’s beyond that—whoever heard of a 66.67-degree headtube angle, 50mm stem, and a dropper post on a low-slung lightweight frame that can’t be dropped by even the most cadence-minded hammerheads? The Following of Gravel? That’s more like it—and just like that, shred came to gravel.” – EVIL Bikes

evil chamois hagar review

EVIL has gone way outside of the box with the Chamois Hagar, but this bike is no joke. Jason of EVIL Bikes demolished the descending segment at the 2019 Grinduro California with the second-fastest time. A low centre of gravity can be accomplished courtesy of the dropper seatpost, which comes in handy for gnarlier terrain.

evil chamois hagar review

In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew unboxes this wild and crazy bike, and briefly covers the key features before kicking off his comprehensive review.

EVIL Bikes

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  1. Avatar Bike Nerd

    As a Mountain biker at heart, I’m all in for Gravelbikes to come with progressive Mountain geometry. I’ve never liked twitchy Roadbike geometry. Now if you could cross the progressive-geo Hagar with the full-sus Niner MCR, that would be the Gravelbike that I want. Essentially, what I want is a 70mm travel full-sus progressive-geo Trailbike with a Roadbike Q-factor and Gravel tires. My current Gravelbike is a full-sus XC bike with gravel tires but, I would like it better as a Gravelbike if it had less travel, more progressive geometry, and a Roadbike Q-factor.

    I want the ultimate “all-surface” bike. Something that is fast on pavement but is still capable on singletrack and that doesn’t beat me up like a full-rigid or hardtail bike. I would love to see some “all-surface” events/races that involve equal parts pavement, gravel, and moderately technical singletrack.

    I’ll be curious to see how you get along with the progressive-geo Hagar? As well, I keep hoping that you will review the Niner MCR. As the Hagar and the MCR have demonstrated, I think that Gravelbikes have a lot of room to evolve.

    • JOM JOM

      I have a 5-star MCR inbound for review 🙂

  2. Avatar Sean

    This should be a fun/interesting review based on how the bike is spec’ed. I love Force/Eagle 10-50 on my Allied Able but curious why the 38 front chainring for gravel. Ill be curious what kind of speed you can maintain in the 10 and 11 hole. Outfitted with 50mm wide tires and 38 front ring, this bike seems to be set up for some gnarly climbing and single track.

  3. Avatar Chris

    I’d be very curious to compare this to a Trek Supercaliber. The axs shifting would let you swap to road bars very easily (if budget isn’t a concern), you’ve got light weight and decent suspension.

    • Avatar Sean

      Why is it everyone wants to talk about the Supercaliber when the near exact bike has been out for years by other companies? Is it the Jolanda Neff attraction? All kidding aside, there are some that go really fast on gravel with mountain bikes.

      • Avatar Lyford

        A hardtail 29r was my “gravel bike” for many years, and I still prefer it to my drop-bar bike for rides where there a lot of lumpy downhills.. It’s impressive what a difference fast tires make on a mountain bike. I’ve had good results with the Conti RaceKing Protect.

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