Elitewheels Drive Six Unboxing & Features: The Craziest Wheels EVER?

elitewheels drive six review

About Elitewheels

“Since 2013, Elitewheels has focused on the design and production of lightweight carbon fiber bicycle wheels. As we manufacture the wheels in our own factory, we have no need to outsource production. Because of this, we have more control over production and quality control. This allows us to adapt very quickly to an ever-changing market and better provide to the needs of our customers. Our goal is to change the way you think about carbon bike wheels by delivering premium products at radically fair prices.” – https://elite-wheels.com

elitewheels drive six review


“DRIVE SIX: “With full carbon spokes, DRIVE SIX wheels provide more direct power transmission. In order to adapt the wheels to more complex road conditions, every detail has been optimized.”

Elitewheels DRIVE SIX Unboxing Video

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In this video, JOM Of the Gravel Cyclist crew unboxes the Elitewheels Drive Six wheelset and runs through the standout features of this wheelset that stands way out from the crowd. Long-term review coming later!

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elitewheels drive six review

Continued from Above:

“DRIVE SIX has stunning looks and great aerodynamic styling. One-piece design with 6 carbon spokes increases rigidity and power transfer values. Carbon spokes transmit power more directly than steel spokes, so less force is needed when climbing and accelerating. Silver decals with hand-stacked marbling set the DRIVE SIX wheels apart.”

elitewheels drive six review

“With its hookless full carbon and tubeless ready rim, DRIVE SIX is compatible with 700*28C–700*50C tires.”

elitewheels drive six review
Tubeless, hookless rims

Gravel Hub

“The hubs of DRIVE SIX is made of 7075 aluminum alloy material. The freehub is designed with a ratchet mechanism and comes as standard with 36 teeth. DRIVE SIX gravel version comes standard with a center lock braking system.”

elitewheels drive six review
SRAM XDR, Shimano is also available

Additional Photos

elitewheels drive six review

elitewheels drive six review

elitewheels drive six review

elitewheels drive six review
Center lock hub mounting for the brake rotor

elitewheels drive six review

elitewheels drive six review

More information available at the Elitewheels Website

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