Critical Film | Documentary

If you love Gravel Racing and Ultra Cross, this is a must see German made documentary film.  It really typifies the spirit associated with this genre of cyclocross.

CRITICAL DIRT – A study in crossification.

CRITICAL FILM | Documentary

From the Vimeo page – “CRITICAL FILM – A documentary about a very special weekend in July of 2010.  A weekend of unconventional cyclocross racing.

It only took 126 km of dirt, gravel and cobblestones divided in 4 stages between Dresden and Leipzig, 80 racers, 9 hours, 35°C, 600 liters of water, a ton of food, a world cup quarterfinal and many many enthusiastic souls, to make this an unbelievable experience.”

They call it “CRITICAL DIRT – A study in crossification”.


  1. Kerry Duggan Kerry Duggan

    In the opening video……were they rolling joints?
    I know it’s legal in Holland but……

  2. Avatar Gordon Myhre

    This is a really great piece. The most important point that is illustrated in the documentary is the community that’s created around the sport. We need this in Florida.

    • JOM JOM

      Gordon, agreed. I have to say, I’m disappointed by the attitudes of some of those in a certain Florida Facebook group, towards events relating to ultra cross, gravel grinding, etc, and cycling in the video link. Cyclocross bikes should be promoted, celebrated and ridden across all genres. Until the elitist clique that exists within this group disappears, things will stay the same, there will be no growth. I am glad you are someone who recognizes community is part of the sport; that is needed to grow it. I hope to meet you in person someday soon.

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