Chainrings for 1x Cranksets on Gravel Bikes – Third Party Options

In this video, I cover what is available in the aftermarket for 1x options. Barring one or two exceptions, I avoid talking about chainrings that are proprietary to a crankset. Many of these 3rd party chainring options are available for SRAM and Shimano. I also have a video featuring 2x chainring options for gravel bikes listed below.

chainrings for 1x cranksets on gravel bikes

Companies featured:

If you missed it, Chainrings for 2x Cranksets on Gravel Bikes

If there is a company whose chainrings I missed, please leave a constructive comment below. As always, thanks for watching!

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13 comments on “Chainrings for 1x Cranksets on Gravel Bikes – Third Party Options

  1. Jom,
    Nice helpful info. I am curious if you have run across any longer wearing chainrings suitable for gravel bikes…perhaps steel? Here in Florida I seem to wear down the teeth to nothing every time it rains. Wet lime rock is like polishing compound down here. I’ll bet it doesn’t add very much weight but would save me many skins.


    1. Aluminium is it in the present day… Ti chainrings made a brief appearance in the 1990’s, but that’s of little consolation to you K-Dogg. Sorry!

      1. That’s what I figured. It would be nice to have a steel chainring for training miles and save the aluminium for racing. I doubt you would even feel the difference in weight.
        I’m just sayin’

  2. Very small production, but AARN is making 1x chainrings. His fixed chainrings are very well known for their amazing quality, so I guess the 1x’s will be just as good! Website is

  3. Hi JOM, 1x,11sp, 46t (absolute black oval) x11-36 on etap for the DK200 this year? Crazy or reasonable? Interested in your opinion on this.

    1. Seems pretty reasonable, but you may have to hoof it if there are any super steep climbs. However, mud could be the real factor this year.

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