Bossi Bicyles Grit Titanium Gravel Bike: A Collaboration with La Velocita & Bio-Mechanics Cycle & Repairs

There’s a joke in the bike industry:  “Performance, durability, value………..pick two” – We believe there shouldn’t be a compromise.

Concepts of bike performance have become fixated on a very narrow focus. Race bikes are being marketed as the pinnacle of road-bike development but are compromised in the real world: harsh ride quality, low durability, extravagant price tags. These bikes invariably fall short of a rider’s expectations.

Our bike designs are born from this frustration of hype over reality. We get that real-world riders want real-world performance: strong, fast, durable, bikes. Bikes that can deliver performance and comfort over the longest distances, for years on end, and with unrivaled value. We build bikes for life, with performance that lasts.

Bossi Bicycles

bossi bicycles grit titanium gravel bike review
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The Grit is Bossi Bicycles entry into the flourishing market of gravel bikes. Featuring:

  • 3AL-2.5V Titanium frame with butted seatpost, hydroformed top tube and oversized downtube
  • 6AL-4V press-fit bottom bracket, Bossi Torayca T800 Monocoque carbon flat-mount disc fork with triple rack mounts
  • Good tyre clearance in 700c (42mm) and 650b (45mm)
  • And a lot more
bossi bicycles grit titanium gravel bike review
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The Grit is available as a frame and fork and three standard build options; custom builds are available.

bossi bicycles grit titanium gravel bike review
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This video is a collaboration with James of Velocita and Pete from Bio-Mechanics Cycles & Repairs. Many thanks to James for his photos, build video footage and assistance during filming, and to Pete for running through the details of the bike and build process.

Bossi Bicycles

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  1. Avatar ljsmith

    The joke is that they think $3750 for a frameset is “value”. It may in fact be a very nice frame and worth every penny, but it’s not a value. Also a max tire size of 650b x 45 is a joke, who makes tires in that size?

    • Avatar Lee Wai Sing

      It’s a misquote of Bontrager’s famous “strong, light, cheap, pick two”.

  2. Avatar Ron

    I think for less than $3750 you could get a fully double-butted custom frameset from Bingham Built or Kish… with a T47 bottom bracket.

    • JOM JOM

      As an FYI, those prices are in $AU. I haven’t looked up Bingham or Kish, so I don’t know if that changes anything.

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