Bender Bicycle Company: “Inspired by the Places You’ll Go”

bender bicycle company tour
William Bender, Founder of Bender Bicycle Co.

“With a background in design, and a life long propensity to make and tinker, I started Bender Bicycle Co. with the goal to create functional, purposeful, and beautiful bikes.” – William Bender, Founder –

Inside Bender Bicycle Co. Video

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In this video, JOM Of the Gravel Cyclist crew joins William Bender for a tour of his small but efficient shop, Bender Bicycle Company.

bender bicycle company tour
Bender Bicycle Co. Frame #1

Founder, William, is all about bikes, and has this to say concerning a new bike you may be considering. “Let’s chat about what you are looking for in a new bike and what kind of experience you are trying to have with this new bike. We will get all the ideas, hopes, and wishes on the table so we can make a bike you are truly happy to ride. ”

Additional Photos

bender bicycle company tour
The Magic happens here
bender bicycle company tour
This machine cuts the tubes

bender bicycle company tour

bender bicycle company tour
Tools on hand to assemble bikes

bender bicycle company tour

bender bicycle company
Custom Bender Bicycle Co. gravel bike
bender bicycle company tour
William’s frames feature a unique yoke of his own design
bender bicycle company tour
MTB frame under construction

bender bicycle company tour

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