BEAT BOX: Sound Effects for Electronic Shifting!

beat box sound effects for electronic shifting
Beat Box is Super Aero

BEAT BOX. What is it? See Video Below!

If you happen to ride electronic shifting from brands such as Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, and FSA, you already know how precise, fast, and reliable these systems are. Some people may even think they are too good, and dull the cycling experience.

beat box sound effects for electronic shifting
This is not a reconstituted Netgear Router / Switch. Maybe.

Thus, Beat Box to the rescue! Beat Box allows you to trigger sound effects every time you execute a shift. Do you like Oh Yeah by Yello? No problem. Thunderstruck by AC/DC? Win! Assign a sound byte to the relevant shifting button, and off you go with Beat Box.

beat box sound effects for electronic shifting
Cabling is routed around the Top Tube for Max Aero

Beat Box is a product in development by JOMerica Industries. Wired at the moment, wireless versions coming later.

beat box sound effects for electronic shifting

Order from – Free shipping, handling is extra. Double handling available for additional fee.

beat box sound effects for electronic shifting
Connectors available for all electronic shifting systems
beat box sound effects for electronic shifting
Sound FX + Aero

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  1. Avatar Brian Thompson

    I would need one of these but my old fashioned wire operated derailleurs are already capable of all kinds of noises. There is a fair diversity in the types of noise my derailleurs are capable of making. In the happenchance that my shifting technique ends up with the chain falling off the sprockets then you will hear some other human generated noise with words similar to what you used in your video. I think I’ll just let my chains wear till they are really loose and I’ll get chain noise and words of wisdom all mixed together. That will keep my boredom down while riding. Since my bikes tend toward the heavy side I’ve decided that adding this Beat Box is just too heavy for my discerning weight tolerance.

  2. Avatar Andy

    State of the art!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. What a great idea! Hahaha, good work JOM! I thought it was real until I started the video! Happy April 1!

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