Baum Cycles: Aussie-Made Gravel Bikes – Orbis + : Orbix X & Phil Anderson

“Of all the reactions Darren (Baum) receives when customers meet him it is typically “but you’re so….young?”. The confusion is palpable. How can a man not yet fifty have nearly three decades of frame building expertise? The answer is simple: dedication, hard work, mistakes and a drive to do things better. Do not accept any barrier. Step outside the status quo. Ride your own race. Darren did. The result is what you know as Baum Cycles, the little corner of Geelong producing some of the world’s best bespoke bicycles.” – Baum Cycles

baum cycles orbis x review

“Today the team at Baum has expanded beyond the man who started it. A complete in-house paint workshop, cutting edge fitting studio and a factory floor spanning two workshops make it a far cry from the humble beginnings but even with all that the core remains the same. Fit. Handling. Design. Ride. The beauty is in the simplicity. It’s what allows us to create what we do and it’s what leads us to you.”

baum cycles orbis x review

Orbis + : Gravel or Tarmac, the choice is yours

When you start to wonder how 22c tyres was ever a thing, it quickly gets to a point where even 34mm isn’t wide enough. Coupled with the latest – wider – rims, riders started to demand a platform that would allow for bigger tyres while still maintaining the soul of a road bike. We heard you and our answer is the Orbis +.”

baum cycles orbis x review

A semi-integrated headtube and Enve road disc fork compliments the flat mount disc brake, formed chainstays – all still built around a road groupset. Wider bars and a shorter reach help provide greater control and tyres up to 40mm (measured) ensure you have all the grip you need. The term “quiver killer” is cliche…except that this truly is a ‘do it all’ bike. The Plus is made to be just as at home with Enve fenders mounted on your trip to work as it is peeling turns in the local bunch ride. The only issue it creates is what to do with all the other bikes it just made redundant.”

baum cycles orbis x review

Orbis X : Where we’re going we don’t need roads

“When the most tarmac you want to ride is out of the driveway, the Orbis X is for you. Built around a gravel groupset with less than 1:1 gearing, 45mm measured tyre clearances and even the option for a dropper post there are no mudguards or white bar tape – you are going to get dirty on this gravel specialist machine.”

baum cycles orbis x review

“Tubeless tyre set up is a must with a set up engineered for tackling everything from smooth gravel roads to rutted 4WD tracks and even some of the less technical single track. Fit some racks for flashpacking adventures or just a big day out on roads where there are more kangaroos than cars, the only limit with the Orbis X is how far you want to take it. With the core of the X still retaining all of the refinement and engineering of the Orbis, a “gravel grinder” has never looked this good.”

baum cycles orbis x review

Video: Darren Baum, Orbis +, Orbis X & Phil Anderson

Darren Baum’s personal bike with Shimano GRX Di2

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Baum Cycles

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