Australia 2016: VIDEO – Gravel Cycling in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia

As promised in our latest ride posting – The Final Ride – Australia Day and the Adelaide Hills – this is the accompanying video to that ride. In addition to the lovely scenery and quiet dirt and gravel roads, we spotted another of Australia’s unique animals – the Emu (pronounced “eem-you”) – and caught it on video!

Gravel cycling in Australia – more proof that gravel cycling is world wide! I (JOM) hope you enjoy my video in the beauty of High Definition (720p and 1080p)!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Avatar Adam

    Very nice! Very picturesque, and really evocative of the Australian bush.

    Although I’m missing the audio of the tyres on gravel, and you cursing as you ride up Blockers!

      • Kdogg Kdogg

        Beautiful riding JOM!

        Is it true e-moo tastes between Platapus and Koala?

        • JOM JOM

          Can’t speak for that, you’d have to ask Rodney Rude… BTW, it is spelled Platypus 🙂

          • K-Dogg K-Dogg

            And yet you Aussies pronounce Emu as if there is a “Y” in it.
            Shouldn’t Platypus be pronounced Plat Yuh Pus?

            I’m just sayin’

          • JOM JOM

            I’m just sayin’ you’re wrong.

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