VIDEO: 2018 Honey Bee Stinger Mixed-Surface Ride – Hahira, Georgia, USA

October 6, 2018 marked the running of the 2018 Honey Bee Stinger Mixed-Surface ride, a free and chilled event that starts and finishes in Hahira, Georgia, USA.

The 100-kilometre route, or about 62.5 miles if you prefer the imperial system, takes participants across roads that seldom see much traffic. Riders will experience beautiful tree cover, hard packed red clay roads and cotton, depending on the time of year.

This is the viewpoint of Rusty of the Gravel Cyclist crew, who traveled to the event in the company of K-Dogg, Jimbo, Lambert (aka the Belgian Diesel) and Todd (aka Big Head Todd). All filming by Rusty, video production by JOM.

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5 comments on “VIDEO: 2018 Honey Bee Stinger Mixed-Surface Ride – Hahira, Georgia, USA

    1. K-Dogg has a Lynskey PRO GR and a drop-bar MTB… I’ve featured his MTB before, but I will posting a video on that bike soon. It is an interesting rig!

  1. Thank you.
    I’ll look for that on the web.
    In a photo of K-Dogg,it looks like he has a Niner fork on his frame.
    Thanks again.

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