2016 Dirty Kanza VIDEO Interview: Sally and Michelle of Team Apex Multisport!

JOM of Gravel Cyclist took it to the streets of Emporia, Kansas, interviewing random cyclists in town for the 2016 Dirty Kanza. He catches up with Sally and Michelle of Team Apex Multisport, a team based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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  1. Avatar El Jefe

    I love how when the ladies start naming Michigan races the first thing mentioned is a mountain bike race!

    Allow me to suggest The Lowell 50 as it’s a gravel race and not a mountain bike race.

    • JOM JOM

      El Jefe, we have the Lowell 50 on our website calendar! Michigan is a state I have yet to visit (JOM). Clearly that needs to change… and clearly I need to ride Michigan gravel.

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