2016 Dirty Kanza VIDEO Interview: K-Dogg of Gravel Cyclist!

JOM of Gravel Cyclist goes classy and sophisticated with music by Beethoven for an interview with K-Dogg of Gravel Cyclist, winner of the 2016 Dirty Kanza 200 for the 60+ age category! He shares his thoughts on the race, suffering, nutrition, bikes and the overall experience. You’ve seen his written words, now see the man himself on video.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Avatar steve f lagg

    That piano music….reminds me of annoying bouzouki playing in a certain cheese shop.
    I was expecting John Cleese to burst in and silence it!

    But seriously, K Dogg I am in awe of your achievement

    Lovely wood heater btw

    • K-Dogg K-Dogg

      I’m not sure why JOM used Moonlight Sonata. It’s like funeral music.
      As Monte Python said “I’m not dead yet.”
      I may need to kick his arse next mountain race we enter.
      It’s not nice to make fun of the elderly. Did I mention………?

      • JOM JOM

        I try to bring a bit of class into K-Dogg’s life…

        Did I mention I’m riding the Taiwan KOM event next month? It’s a climber’s paradise, and I don’t climb so well 🙂

    • JOM JOM

      K-Dogg sells wood heaters… in Florida. Not joking. Visit woodstoveflorida.com !!!

      That Beethoven is some classy stuff.

      • Avatar steve f lagg

        Well….. at least it wasn’t banjo playing on some obscure southern state bridge…..

  2. Avatar Phillip Cowan

    Congratulations to you K-Dogg on your great ride. I’ll be 55 my next birthday so I must say you’re quite an inspiration to me. I’ve only just started to dip my toe in the gravel riding pool this year but I hope to work up to do DK one day. This might seem to be an odd place to ask this but have you or anyone from the Gravel Cyclist crew ever experimented with keto-adapted diets in which you train the body to burn primarily fat during strenuous exercise. A 150lb rider with 8% body fat can only store about 2400 cals of glycogen but has about 49,000 cals of fat reserve. Since on a ride like DK you reach a point where you simply can’t shove carbs in your face fast enough it seems that running off of fat would be the way to go. I believe that some elite riders in the field are already using this method but aren’t exactly eager to talk about it for fear of giving away an edge. It’s a complicated subject, and the science can get deep quickly, not nearly as much fun as talking about new hardware. Maybe JOM would tackle the subject in a future GC article. After all the hardware out there is pretty good these days but us older guys need a way to improve the “motor”.

    • K-Dogg K-Dogg

      Perhaps we could get Dr. Pain in on this as he is “piled high and deep” in this kind of research.
      Care to comment Dr. Pain?

      Personally I homeboy it and blend three things: carry lots of energy bars and water, listen to my scientical wife Mrs K-Dogg who says one Gu jel an hour is enough electrolites
      and find your happy place the last few hours ’cause it’s going to be hard no matter what science or alchemy you rely on.
      Happy training Phillip!

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