2016 Dirty Kanza VIDEO Interview: Derrick Boos of Orange Lederhosen Racing!

JOM of Gravel Cyclist took it to the streets of Emporia, Kansas, and interviewed Derrick Boos of Orange Lederhosen Racing on the day before the 2016 Dirty Kanza 200. If you’ve ridden in the Midwest, it is likely you’ve seen the Orange Lederhosen crew. To honor the memory of his friend Joel Dyke aka “Big Grin”, Derrick rode the entire Dirty Kanza 200 in a speedo!!! For real…

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Man that takes b–ls to do that ……or maybe that’s not an issue after
    206 miles.

  2. Avatar steve f lagg

    Quirkiness is an endearing trait, misunderstood by most….treasured by few

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