12 Speed Products DOORMATE: Open Doors with your Bicycle

12 Speed Products Doormate review

“Supplying modern technology to every bicycle.” – 12 Speed Products


“Doormate by 12speed is a lightweight universal garage door system for your bicycle. Our garage door remote is designed to integrate into your bike handlebar for easy and convenient use…”

Doormate Product Demonstration Video

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew demonstrates this product that makes life a little easier. It won’t be for everyone, but opening and closing your garage door pre or post ride from the handlebar of your bike, genius!

12 Speed Products Doormate review

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Technology: “Overboost”

“When we started developing the remote, we realized that alloy and carbon block radio frequencies that are used by garage door remotes. That was a problem for us since we wanted the remote to be installed in the bicycle handlebars, mostly made of alloy or carbon. The early prototypes only had an operational range of less than 1.5m/5ft. After months of engineering, prototyping, and testing, we finally achieved a range of more than 15m/50ft.”

12 Speed Products Doormate review
Package contents, manual not shown

IP65 Water & Dust Resistant

We built the 12speed Doormate to work even in rain. The 12speed Doormate is protected against water from all angles.

12 Speed Products Doormate review

Benefits & Features

  • Universal Garage Door and Gate System integrated into your bicycle
  • World’s first garage remote control designed for your bicycle
  • Compatible with alloy or carbon handlebars
  • Universal technology programs 90% of garage doors
  • Discreet remote replaces the space on one handlebar end
  • Quick and easy to program to your garage door and remote controlled gate
12 Speed Products Doormate review
The brains of the operation

Technical Specifications

  • Lightweight at 0.5oz/16g
  • Replaceable A27 battery included with one year battery life
  • 50ft of range with Overboost Technology
  • Rated IP65 Water & Dust Resistant

More information in the 12 Speed Products link below, including purchasing your own Doormate.

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  1. Avatar Marvin Lein

    Have 4 of these openers. Best product ever. Works perfectly and super easy to set up (just like any garage door opener).

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