World-Class Gravel Race SBT GRVL, Presented by Canyon Bicycles, Cancels August Event Due to COVID-19

sbt grvl 2020 cancelation

SBT GRVL​, a world-class gravel bike experience presented by ​Canyon Bicycles​, has canceled the 2020 event due to COVID-19 concerns. Based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the federal, state, and county governments, and after discussions with local authorities in Steamboat Springs, the ​SBT GRVL​ team determined the safest scenario for the community will be to cancel the event this year.

“The ​SBT GRVL​ experience remains rooted in our core values including safety, fun, and credibility,” says Mark Satkiewicz, co-founder and race director of ​SBT GRVL​. “Taking these values into account, it became clear to us that the required changes needed to keep every rider, spectator, volunteer, sponsor, vendor and members of our local community safe would result in a significantly compromised version of the ​SBT GRVL​ experience.”

“Like so many folks in the endurance community, we were looking forward to this year’s SBT GRVL experience and all that it offers. We live for these events and the opportunity to support athletes as they challenge themselves on the beautiful gravel roads around Steamboat,” says Brian Vaughan, chief endurance officer of GU Energy Labs. “It’s disappointing to hear that the 2020 edition will be canceled, but we totally understand that the ​SBT GRVL​ team made the responsible choice. We believe that movement is essential, and racing with our friends at events like SBT GRVL feeds our need to move. As a family-owned business, we know firsthand that short term sacrifices are essential for long term gains and happiness.”

“The team at SBT GRVL showed courage today to postpone their event which in its introductory year, set a new standard in gravel events: a race, a community gathering and a party done on a world-class level putting the safety of the rider first! As the title sponsor, we fully support their decision and we are excited to work with them for years to come,” says Blair Clark, President of Canyon Bicycles. “On a personal level, it was something I was really looking forward to doing, but when it happens again in the future, it will be such a sweet appreciation. I’ll be back for what John Denver described as: ‘​The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake…you can talk to God and listen to the casual reply’…to get my ‘Rocky mountain high’ at SBT GRVL!”

Participants who signed up for one of the four distances in the 2020 event have the option to defer to 2021 or receive a race refund. Participants wishing to defer to 2021 will not need to do anything at this time. Participants wishing for a refund will need to reach out via email to [email protected]​ and request a refund.

The ​SBT GRVL​ team remains committed to keeping the gravel community connected and providing an experience to look forward to on August 16th. Working with sponsors and pro athletes in different regions, the ​SBT GRVL​ team introduces ​SBT VRTL​ – a localized plan to connect people all over the world and ride one of the four distances of ​SBT GRVL ​together, while apart.

The ​SBT VRTL​ experience will be free and open to everyone to participate. Regional routes will be created for all four distances, easy to find and follow using ​Ride with GPS​. There will be prize giveaways from sponsors and opportunities to continue to support advocacy partners.

SBT VRTL ​will continue to work with world-class sponsors, including ​Canyon Bicycles​ as the presenting sponsor.



  1. Avatar Tony

    Well that is sad, I wonder if any major rides/races will happen this year.

    • JOM JOM

      Honestly, I reckon 2020 is a writeoff year.

    • Avatar Dennis Tukua

      Truckee Dirt Fondo, Paydirt, Mammoth Tuff, Sea Otter???

  2. Avatar Steve Parcell

    Sorry but I think that the event being outside with healthy people and masks would have been/be safe and that we are too fear based. Not angry just voicing opinion.

    • JOM JOM

      That’s all well and good Steve, but America is a litigious society. I feel SBT GRVL made the right call.

  3. Avatar Stephen Rode

    I was worried this was going to happen – first DK200, now SBT – GRVL, now there’s nothing on my calendar for 2020 . Kudos to both for making the right decisions though and keeping the racing population safe. I would not have been able to resist the temptation to go to these if they hadn’t been cancelled/delayed.

    • JOM JOM

      Stephen, I consider 2020 to be a writeoff year as far as events go. It would be worse.

  4. Avatar Tony

    At this point I am worried about the availability of consumables. I have started stockpiling spares (tires, chains, brake pads, cassettes, etc) in the event of manufacturing delays.

  5. Avatar Larry Brenize

    Wondering what will happen with the remaining big race Gravel Worlds? At my end working at the big box store it’s that crazy I haven’t been able to train anyways. You are probably right JOM in that 2020 is a write off year. I have heard of cases of people passing out while exercising and wearing a mask so no that’s not the answer either. Will be glad when this is all over but looks like it won’t be anytime real soon right now. I think they made the smart move right/right choice.

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