Tuesday Morning Ride: A Poem by Steve F, The Lonely Aussie Gravel Guy

Like JOM, founder of Gravel Cyclist, Steve F aka “The Lonely Aussie Gravel Guy” is a fellow Aussie gravel cyclist. While JOM spends much of his year in the US of A, Steve F calls Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, home.

Why so lonely? Steve has invited riders in his area to join the fun, but thus far, nobody has accepted! Regardless, Steve F is an aficionado of the gravel, and explores his roads sans navigational aids of any kind, alone. From what Steve F tell us, the average six hour ride comprises of 80% gravel roads, more proof that Australia is an amazing place for gravel cycling.

“Tuesday Morning Ride”

Waking early to the gentle caress of soft summer rain,
The exciting thought,"It's gravel riding time again"
The dark, moody clouds, daunt or depress me not
I'm going riding the gravel, no matter what!!
Light showers have settled the reddish, clingy bull-dust,
The cool morn air is brisk, but can't damper MY lust
For sweet solitude on seldom traveled tracks,
So, head down and tail up, we bend our backs.
There's a sweet tangy scent of damp eucalyptus,
It revives this lonely gravel guy's spirits, as energy dips,
Like an apothecary's tonic, it's magic injects,
A burst of mad power for the hill that is next.
And the Wedge Tail soaring high, high above,
Spurs me on, to climb, climb these hills that I love,
Then descend, oh, so quickly, I hope the Schwalbes hold,
It's time to buy Maxxis Ramblers, they're better, I'm told.
So, now, I'm exhausted and fairly well spent,
I head for home, happy, smiling and content,
Dusty, sweat dripping, sinews aching with pain
When this crazy gravel beckons me, I'm coming again!!!

By Steve F, The Lonely Aussie Gravel Guy.


  1. Avatar Aaron Price

    Steve nailed it – the pure joy of being out there riding. I am now smiling and anticipating my next ride 🙂

  2. Avatar steve f lagg

    Thanks Aaron,

    Being a “L.A.G.G.” (lonely Aussie gravel guy), I often find myself talking out loud…….”Man, this climb is tough!!” or “Damn these sharp stones…another puncture!!” etc etc. Maybe it’s good I ride solo, ‘cos I might be mistaken as a looney……no wait…I ride the gravel, I am a looney…but a happy one!

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