Training Ride 101 2014 – Pre New Year’s Knockdown Keport

Reporting by K-Dogg.

The limitations of having such an International cycling team during the holidays was apparent, as the Tuesday Night GCX Worlds ride barely fielded three Cycle Logic riders.  In addition were one Team 352 and one unattached GCC (Gainesville Cycling Club) “A” rider, Shannon The Cannon.

Snowflake the German was Skiing in Germany, the Aussie Bastard aka JOM was perving Euro Pros in Oz and crushing Oz gravel, the Fräulein was riding in her basement in Canada, and the Belgian Diesel was casting old sheets on his wife’s cold sensitive plants – in Florida.

After barely two miles of warmup, Pfaff Daddy led onto the first dirt section like it was the last corner in an effin crit.  K-Dogg’s attempt to force a more civilized warmup period (by slowing .5 MPH) was nullified by Dr. Pain’s immediate and rude come around.

Finally, in sector two, The Dogg’s legs got enough blood to hang with the tempo set by Pfaff Daddy and Dr. Pain (who, it must be noted, sat on Mark the Broom’s wheel for a good mile).

The third and hilliest sector saw The Broom and The Cannon slightly detached as Pfaff Daddy, Dr Pain and K-Dogg were locked in a grim battle.  Said battle ended in a close “victory” by Dr Pain over K-Dogg, after a long fruitless pull by Pfaff Daddy, and a selfless gift by K-Dogg.

On the long paved run in to Lacrosse, Pfaff Daddy took such a long (trademark) pull that K-Dogg felt himself drifting into narcolepsy, and thus obliged to scoot up the road solo.  Eventually the lethargic peleton pulled the leash and sprinted past at the Lacrosse city limit sign.

Sector “Pinky’s Place” pace was jacked up by Pfaff Daddy, increased by K-Dogg, finished by Dr Pain, then counterattacked by Pfaff Daddy in that order.

The Unending Landing Strip sector saw The Cannon and The Broom OTB (off the back) again as the other three were once again locked into a grim mano a mano theater of pain.  Three miles of dead flat limerock.  Three stubborn combatants all determined to be the last to cry “that’s it!”  The vote is still out as petulance gave way to maturity and the reality of deferred pain tomorrow morning.

The last dirt sector saw an immediate return to petulance and immaturity (120 seconds later) when Pfaff Daddy attempted a high speed last minute escape over the railroad tracks and down the Dresden-like, carpet bombed Heartbreaker finish.  Emptying the last of his angry tank energy, K-Dogg managed to pull Dr Pain close enough to allow him to surge around for final victory at the railroad crossing sign!

Perhaps this is a harbinger of things to come?  Perhaps Heartbreaker victory will issue forth from these three astonishing Cycle Logic athletes.  Perhaps someone needs to turn the lights on.



  1. Avatar the Terminator

    Awesome. I can almost feel the burn.

    • JOM JOM

      I’m burning here… 105F is the high temperature today. Taking a day off the bike!

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