The Sufferfest & Wahoo Go “All In” on New Indoor Training Plans – Extended Free Trials available to all New Users

Month-Long Training Plans Address​ Physical & Mental Challenges of Indoor Training

Extended Free Trials Available to All New Users

The Sufferfest, a comprehensive training platform for time-crunched athletes and a part of Wahoo Fitness, today announced the release of a suite of training plans designed specifically for athletes who are staying indoors due to the current global health crisis.

sufferfest free training coronavirus 2020

These four-week “All In” training plans are completely indoor-based and place increased emphasis on yoga, strength, and Mental Training. Each All In plan offers a different focus — cycling, multisport, and cross-training — while incorporating sessions from The Sufferfest yoga and strength training video library. To help athletes develop essential positive thinking and goal setting skills, each plan also includes sessions from The Sufferfest Mental Toughness Program. Drawing on decades of experience at the highest level of the sport, the plans were designed by the Wahoo Sports Science Team to help athletes improve their fitness while remaining indoors and maintain motivation in the midst of this unprecedented crisis.

sufferfest free training coronavirus 2020

“The current pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our daily lives,” said David McQuillen, head of the Wahoo Fitness Sufferfest division. “While all of us at Wahoo Fitness know that there are far more important things than that next workout, we also know that there is comfort, solace, and meaning to be found in exercise. Social distancing and self-Isolation brings with it many challenges for athletes trying to maintain or even improve fitness. Our Sports Science Team developed these comprehensive, four-week plans specifically to help homebound athletes redefine their goals, train responsibly, and use their time inside to get stronger both physically and mentally.”

sufferfest free training coronavirus 2020

In contrast to ad-hoc challenges or virtual events, these All-In plans are structured, progressive, and designed to provide enough training load to allow athletes to stay fit without ​too much  intensity​. Each plan offers a different area of focus, and are designed to take the place of outdoor and group activities. Cyclists can vary the number of rides as well as their strength training level and multisport athletes are given out-of-the-pool strength training plans as well as treadmill alternatives. To help manage so many early season race cancellations, athletes focusing on cross-training can use this time to develop the strength and fitness needed to support their primary athletic goals, while the yoga-focused plan is organized so athletes can gradually ramp into the hard sessions, which is especially important for those who have never done yoga before.

In order to ensure that the plans are accessible to everyone, The Sufferfest is offering new users a free month subscription through the promo code ALLINSUFPLAN.

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