Thanks for everything in 2019! Roll on 2020 / The New Decade… and a few Stats from Gravel Cyclist

final gravel cyclist video of 2019
Sneak peek of my final ride for 2019! Video coming later…


The following video was recorded on the last day of 2019 in Hawker, South Australia… it was windy as fark! I would like to extend a thank you to everyone who watches my content, writes in, comments and provides feedback, whether it be on the Gravel Cyclist YouTube Channel, the Website, the Gravel Cyclist Facebook Page, or the Gravel Cyclist Instagram account.

final gravel cyclist video of 2019
Another sneak peek…

Thank You for everything in 2019!

To everyone watching, thank you again, may tailwinds grace your rides and the gravel flow freely beneath your wheels. See you in 2020!

Some 2019 Statistics for Gravel Cyclist

  • Number of new posts / articles to 403
  • Number of videos produced for the Gravel Cyclist YouTube Channel: 194
  • Number of Gravel Bikes Reviewed (video): 14
  • Number of Wheelsets Reviewed (video): 4
  • Number of site hosts crashed due to website growth/traffic: 2
  • Number of Instagram followers end of 2019: 56,621 (7:25am EST USA)
  • Number of Facebook followers end of 2019: 23,032 (7:25am EST USA)
  • Number of YouTube Subscribers end of 2019: 18,192 (7:25am EST USA)

See you in 2020!


  1. Avatar Jason Haubelt

    Love your gravelcyclist shirt. Do you sell them. I would love to buy and wear a medium. Free advertisement;)

  2. Avatar witness protection #257641

    Happy New Year, mate! Looking forward to many more adventures together.

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