Sub 9 Gravel Grovel Half Arsed Pre-Ride 2014

Half Arsed?

Sub9-2014-Preride3Half arsed because I barely had enough time to ride half the course.

Fading daylight, cold as $hite, taking too many photos, and crashing during a stream crossing (meaning I was a bit submerged), were all reasons I didn’t see as much as I’d like today.

Read more about the Sub 9 Gravel Grovel.


What I Learned

Sub9-2014-Preride2The first couple of miles feature narrow, but rough pavement with a few small roller hills.  The first sector of gravel is nice and hard packed.

If anybody told you Indiana is flat, they would be wrong.  I won’t spill all of the beans, but there is a climb or two during the first ten miles that will make a difference.

There are a few sections of gravel that have been graded recently, and that always makes the going a little bit harder.  Think marbly gravel and soil below that robs one’s power… aerated gravel.


The Forest of Endor

Sub9-2014-Preride1Not its real name, but the name I give to the first section of double track beyond the gate (see image at right).  The track is muddy at times, with virtually all of the said mud covered by leaves.  Mud means sliding around a bit, along with plenty of standing water and stream crossings.

There is one stream crossing in particular that I hoofed, and promptly slipped on a mossy rock and crashed on my arse.  A bruised arse cheek and soaked shoes and gloves when its 39 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t good for anyone’s constitution.  Be careful out there!


Nebo Ridge

Only had the opportunity to ride one section of this trail, before I had to abort and turn for home.  Nothing too much to worry about here, the trail is singletrack, but in pretty good shape.  The first section is all uphill… again, Indiana isn’t flat!


More Pre-Riding?

I may pre-ride another section or two of the course before race day… or maybe I’ll do nothing.  32 degrees Fahrenheit (Zero Celsius) is the forecast high temperature on Thursday… fab.


Gallery – Click a thumbnail image below to see full size (hosted by Flickr).

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  1. Kerry Duggan Kerry Duggan

    Are you going to die?
    Doh! On the swim. Be careful out there. We are all rooting for you and your
    high position in the series champ!

    Got some good footage of mud puddle flailing on the ride last night which featured
    lots of antics and one broken derailier.


    • JOM JOM

      Sub 9 Gravel Grovel race report posted! K-Dogg, I look forward to editing the Wednesday Gainesville Embezzlers sludge fest ride…

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