SPNDX Stampede Gravel partners with Redlands Bicycle Classic

New for 2020 the SPNDX Stampede will enter their fourth year of producing gravel events by partnering with the Redlands Bicycle Classic by bringing their “Gravel Party” to Redlands on Sunday, April 26th

spndx stampede redlands bicycle classic

The new gravel event will take place Sunday morning in downtown Redlands where the start and finish will be held for the infamous Sunset Loop of the Redlands Classic. A contrast to the professional and amateur racing experience which the Redlands Classic offers, the SPNDX Stampede brings a non-serious vibe where there is no winner or times provided. 

spndx stampede redlands bicycle classic

“The SPNDX Stampede Gravel Party is more about bringing together a fun group of riders to tackle a day of riding gravel and sharing stories post-ride. The goal has always been to bring the Stampede to new areas and partnering with the Redlands Classic is something special as I have raced the Classic three times in the past while I was racing professionally” states founder Jon Hornbeck. 

spndx stampede redlands bicycle classic

“As a premiere cycling destination, the Redlands Bicycle Classic is excited to incorporate the SPNDX Stampede series into this year’s event.  Having a public gravel ride in addition to our professional and amateur road races will allow an entirely new group of competitors to experience what Redlands and the surrounding areas have to offer – amazing roads, awesome trails and endless opportunities.”  Marc Shaw, Executive Director

spndx stampede redlands bicycle classic

By combining the worlds of road racing and gravel fun riders will be able to set out on a 45-mile ride through the hills of Redlands and finish their day by watching the road racing which the Redlands Classic will have on hand. Standard to all Stampede’s rider’s will be taken care of with post-ride food, drinks, over the top swag bags, live post-ride music/band and vendors on hand to hang out with and talk Gravel. 

Registration is now open for the SPNDX Stampede Redlands edition and is limited to only 350 gravel enthusiast participants. 



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