Spearfish, South Dakota & the 2014 Gold Rush Gravel Grinder


In today’s posting, please enjoy event video from the 2014 edition of the Gold Rush Gravel Grinder, in beautiful Spearfish, South Dakota.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t created Gravel Cyclist at the time of this race, but regardless, it is a fantastic event, organized by a very enthusiastic and friendly promoter, Perry Jewett. I had a fab time during the race, and made some new friends; Matt Gersib of Lincoln, Nebraska and Craig Doell of Canada. Vacation time willing in 2015, I hope to return and improve my performance in this 110 mile gravel grinder.

JOM’s 2014 Race Video – Watch in HD!

For the techie inclined, I raced a Ritchey Breakaway Steel CX bike at this event, which was handy during the flight from Florida to SoDak. You can see more of my bike from the race at this link.


  1. Kerry Duggan Kerry Duggan

    Either I’m having a deja vu all over again or JOM TV goes to reruns in fall.
    I want my money back.

  2. JOM JOM

    We’ll be doing re-runs of the Rockford Files soon!

  3. Avatar Daniel Doan

    Hey Jayson,
    You may remember me from Gainesville riding times. I live in South Dakota now, and ride gravel as often as I can. I live in central South Dakota, but ride up in the Black Hills a lot. I’m happy to hear of the Spearfish gravel grinder, and you should hit me up if you swing my way next year. I have roads to show you.


    • JOM JOM

      Hi Daniel,

      I remember you, pretty certain you were on my Facebook friend list at one time? Maybe you’re off Facebook nowadays? Regardless, I LOVED riding in the Black Hills and hope I can explore more roads in the future. While in that neck of the woods, I did some other great rides in the Badlands of SD, and over in Bismarck, ND. The lack of traffic on the roads out there was awesome.

      Would love a guided tour of some of the area roads. If you’re on FB?, look me up.

      Thanks for reaching out.


  4. Hi JOM, Thanks for the write up and kind words about the event and your experience. Great pics and video! Really an honor to have you come all the way and enjoy our gravel grinder w/ us. I hope to see you again next year. No off season! Enjoy the winter

    • JOM JOM

      Perry, hope I can make it. But this time, I am STICKING AROUND FOR THE POST RIDE PARTY!!!

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