Shimano takes The Path Less Paved: Video & Photos of the Gravel Cycling Experience

shimano path less paved video
All photos in this article by Eyeroam @ Instagram

“For decades, cycling disciplines have diverged, and in some cases, even polarized from each other. Road bikes stay on the road and mountain bikes stay on the trails. But in our contemporary age of cross-functional design and innovative engineering, bikes have more recently started to transcend their own genres.”

shimano path less paved video
Most of these photos were taken in B.C., Canada

“Take gravel cycling. This relatively ‘new’ sport is actually a reboot of what cycling was up until the mid-20th century, before concrete and asphalt roadways spread across the developed world.”

shimano path less paved video“Now, gravel has taken the backcountry freedom and exhilaration of mountain biking and blended it with the speed, efficiency, and achievable distances of road cycling. Skinny tires, but not too skinny. Powerful yet light hydraulic disc brakes. Gear ratios that encourage speed both up and down the terrain.”

“Gravel bikes evolved due to an insatiable demand for riders to explore. Not just a Trailforks route or a Strava segment, but capitalizing on the thousands of miles of dirt and gravel roads that exist in rural regions.”

shimano path less paved video“The result is more bikes rolling through more of the landscape, unhindered by the need for constructed trails or an asphalt surface. Gravel follows the path less paved.”

shimano path less paved video

The Path Less Paved Video

ShimanoSterling Lorence (Photographer)


  1. Avatar Dave

    Any chance the general location could be added to each of the photos?

    • JOM JOM

      Most of the photos were taken in British Columbia, Canada. Lots more info within the embedded video.

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