Press Release: Dirty Kanza Announces New Event Registration Process for 2018

“Due to high demand, we are unable to accommodate everyone who wishes to participate in the Dirty Kanza gravel road bicycling challenge. Therefore, a lottery selection process will be utilized to determine who will be allowed to participate in the 2018 Dirty Kanza.”

Registration will be conducted online and can be accessed from the “Registration” page on the Dirty Kanza website at Individuals will have the opportunity to submit their name for participation in the 2018 Dirty Kanza from December 1, 2017 at 8:00 am CST, until December 16, 2017 at 11:59 pm CST. Registration for event entry selection will be free of charge. However, credit card information will be collected at the time you submit your name for consideration.  Your credit card will be charged only if you are accepted to participate.

Selection and Payment of Entry Fees:
Winning entries will be selected on or about January 13, 2018. Subject to event eligibility requirements, the individuals whose names are drawn will be awarded entry in the 2018 Dirty Kanza. These selected event participants will be notified by email, per the contact information they provide.  Each participant’s credit card will be charged the event registration fee, a small processing fee, as well as any additional fees for add-on items chosen by the participant.

Group Registration Option:
A group registration option will be available for those families, friends, and other small groups (up to 4 individuals) who ONLY want to participate if they can do so together.  All group members must submit their name for lottery consideration using the same Group Name. If the Group Name is selected, each member of the group will be accepted to participate and charged the appropriate fees.  Individual group members are not required to participate in the same event distance.

Individual Participant Registration Fees:
Dirty Kanza 200-mile distance  –  $200
Dirty Kanza 100-mile distance  –  $100
Dirty Kanza 50-mile distance  –  $50
Dirty Kanza 25-mile distance  –  $35
(Plus a small processing fee.)

For more details on registration options and classifications, refer to the 2018 Dirty Kanza Riders Bible, which can be found under the “Info” tab at

Participation Field Limits:
This event entry selection process will be used to fill the following number of spots…
Dirty Kanza 200-mile distance  –  1,000 individual participants
Dirty Kanza 100-mile distance  –  750 individual participants
Dirty Kanza 50-mile distance  –  400 individual participants
Dirty Kanza 25-mile distance  –  200 individual participants


  • Only one lottery application per person.
  • The entire selection and registration process shall be at the sole discretion of Dirty Kanza Promotions, whose decisions and interpretations shall be final and binding.
  • Dirty Kanza Promotions reserves the right to cancel, terminate, suspend, or modify the selection process at any time and for any reason.
  • Dirty Kanza Promotions reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it suspects or believes to be tampering with the entry selection process, or to be acting in violation of these rules, or acting in such a way as to be detrimental to the integrity of this event.
  • Dirty Kanza Promotions shall not be responsible for incomplete entries, declined credit cards, nor entries received after the application deadline for any reason.

For More Information:

About Dirty Kanza:
Organized by Dirty Kanza Promotions, the Dirty Kanza is recognized throughout the cycling industry as the world’s premier endurance gravel road cycling challenge. Cyclists from all across North America, Western Europe, and beyond converge on Emporia, Kansas each year to test their mettle on the remote and rugged roads of the Flint Hills region of east-central Kansas.The only remaining expanse of natural tallgrass prairie in North America, the Flint Hills has been called “the easternmost part of the great far west”. Find out more about Dirty Kanza Promotions here.


  1. Avatar Joshua

    Will this be the same for the 100?

    • JOM JOM

      Joshua, I believe that is the case but will report back soon.

    • JOM JOM

      Joshua, affirmative. The lottery applies to all distance.

    • Avatar jimc

      Yes. We will be implementing the lottery process for ALL distances.

  2. Avatar TimG

    I think most everyone expected this.
    I wonder what type of lottery this will be. I know DK promotions has held special preregistration events for Emporia locals in the past. This ensured their local riders opportunity to register before it officially opens for everyone else and the feeding frenzy begins. I’ve also heard them state in interviews that they prefer to have new participants experience the event instead of those who have previously ridden DK.

    I’m not neccessarily saying they shouldn’t do these things, for the most part I agree with both. Just wondering if their preferences will affect the lottery results. If they plan on hand selecting the lottery winners, there should be some transparency with that process.

  3. Avatar Afrothunder

    Situations like this always bum me out, it’s no fault of the organizers, this is just the reality of a growing event. But it seems like this is the inevitably for a lot of these “home grown” events: The more popular they become, the less of a chance most people get to participate.

    Granted, I’m overweight and out of shape,riding 50 miles was a challange. But riding dirty kanza the full 200 is the dream.

  4. Avatar AHerman

    Hey guys – (hopeful) DK 200 participant here. Any idea whether, in the event one is not selected for the 200, they will be permitted to note a preference to register for the 100 (or even the 50) if spots are available there?

    • JOM JOM

      You may want to email this question directly to the Dirty Kanza promoters. Jim Cummins (founder of DK) has chimed in on this thread but I don’t expect he’ll be checking in, he’s a busy man!

  5. Avatar tom

    Ultramarathons have used lotteries for a number of years and take the most heat for transparency in the selection process. For instance, the two hundred will be capped at 1000 entrants, of that number how many will be drawn out of the lottery and how many will be exemptions – sponsors, past winners, etc. And will there be a wait list?

  6. Avatar Rita Stookey

    Two people consider a group? Or have to be four?

    • JOM JOM

      Hi Rita, it is probably best if you direct your questions directly to the DK promoters. They have been checking in here from time to time, but you’ll probably a speedier response directly. Thanks!

  7. Avatar Larry E. Brenize

    Being the newbie here and wanting to do the DK200 sometime. Can somebody maybe give me a guess on what the entry fee was last year/dorm fees and fees if you hired their support crew. I have limited amount of time off/vacation and will probably be putting my next year cycling plans together early Dec. during the cold tundra land days up North here. Many thanks

    • JOM JOM

      Larry, the entry fee from last year is irrelevant as they have changed it for 2018. However, I believe the crew for hire option is somewhere around $75. The dorms are separate to the promoters and dorm rooms become available when the local hotels have been filled. Off the top of my head, a quad room was $600 for four people… no idea what a single is. You could contact Emporia State University with that question.

  8. Avatar Larry E. Brenize

    Thanks for that info JOM and I do see that they listed the fees for registration.

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