Press Release: Brooks England search for three riders to join cross-continent “Roots” journey

brooks england roots project

Brooks England creates a trans-Europe journey of a lifetime for three selected cyclists.

The First Roots Journey

“The team at Brooks England are excited to announce the first Brooks England Roots Journey, a three-week cycling adventure from northern Italy to the historic factory near Birmingham, UK where the brand was founded and where each Brooks England leather saddle is still produced today.”

“This initial trip, which is meant to be the first in a series of such journeys, will welcome three riders from around Europe, each chosen through an online application process. Launching late April 2022, Brooks will support these riders, who will follow a set course aimed at highlighting aspects central to the Brooks brand, such as the traditions of handmade craftsmanship, wanton exploration, and unwavering authenticity.”

“Documenting the adventure along the way, Brooks plan to share regular updates, as well as the route itself once the trio reaches the journey’s end–at which point, each member will commemorate the ride by receiving a unique saddle stamp in recognition of their effort and place in making Brooks’ history.”

Those interested in joining the first Roots Journey can apply now on the page:

One thought on “Press Release: Brooks England search for three riders to join cross-continent “Roots” journey

  1. I find what I am made of a little on each ride. Flowing (sweating) through Europe on a bike might just answer whom my ancestors were and what kind of people I hail from. Too bad I’m ten years away from retirement or I’d be all over it with my bride of 30+ years pollinating every shop along the way with our remaining livre, shilling, and krona.

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