Pre L’Eroica Reconnoitering 2014

Our roving reporter K-Dogg, has chimed in with his first report from L’Eroica.  Click an image to see the full-size version.

From K-Dogg:

  • Drove the entire 205 k course.  It took 5+ hours to just drive it like a maniac.
  • Did I mention the scary descents with really shitty antique brakes?
  • I’m going to talk to a mechanic or two in Gaiole about better brake shoes, brakes and maybe bike airbags.
  • Apparently tomorrow is a lecture about the life of Pantani and an appearance by Marianne Vos.
  • An Aussie lad won the 205 k race the last two years. Really upset the locals.

Read more about that Aussie lad, Brad Nightingale, HERE.

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  1. Avatar Cheryl Davis

    Did someone mention “wine?” 😉 Nice photos and beautiful country!

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