Photo Feature: Random Gravel of the World – Part One

The Gravel Cyclist crew loves riding near and far on the road less traveled. This random selection of images taken over the past four years should be considered as part one of many.

Bromont, Quebec, Canada

Pre-riding the 100 B7 route.

North Central Florida, USA

One of our favorite roads on the planet.
Hard pack clay, sludgy when wet.
The brick roads of Florida.
Sometimes you have to walk.
A respite from the summer heat.

K-Dogg and our mate Brian Rogers.
Reviewing the Foundry Chilkoot road bike.
More Florida brick road.
The Gravel Cyclist crew.
Reviewing the Maxxis Ravager tyres.

Tuscany, Italy (L’Eroica)

L’Eroica pre-ride, Vitus 979.

South Australia

Gravel roads leading to Sellicks Beach.

Post bushfire (aka wildfire if you’re an Americano).
Keeping the dirt smooth.

Walk-about on pasture land.

Heading towards Ororroo.

Lincoln, Nebraska, USA (2016 Gravel Worlds)

Pre-riding with Bob Cummings and his squad.
Hotel room madness.

Waverly, Albama, USA (2016 Standard Deluxe Dirt Road Century)

Pre-riding the course.
Post race celebrations.
You know you’ve ridden hard in Alabama when…

Georgia, USA

Waycross, Georgia.
Reviewing the Panaracer Comet tyre.
A very muddy edition of Southern Cross.

Colorado, USA

Somewhere along the Boulder reservoir loop.

If you have images from your part of that world that you’d like to share with the Gravel Cyclist audience, please Contact Us.

3 comments on “Photo Feature: Random Gravel of the World – Part One

  1. enough is enough! I sit here in my bloody office, I’m supposed to add my share to Italy’s GDP through hard work, but get tantalized by marvelous bike paradises on my phone. This is unfair and it will be submitted to the UN as a gross violation of civil rights. Franz from the Valley of Tears

    1. Hahaha!! If it is any consolation, I am in my regular work office as well. All of these images serve as reminders of why I live to travel, play and ride bikes all over the world!

  2. Jom has seen and ridden in my backyard, but he didn’t see or ride the best parts….maybe next visit I’ll let him see some of them…maybe!

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