New website logo on the way…

To make everyone’s visit to this blog a more pleasant and visually stimulating experience, I have commissioned a local Gainesville, Florida graphics artist to design a logo, indicative of what this blog site is all about.

Had I actually planned this thing properly, you’d see a spanky logo already.  In the meantime, admire my *temporary* crap logo, with moo cow.  No teaser piccies I’m afraid, you’ll all have to wait.

A new look / theme to the site may also be in the works?  As always, thank you for reading!


    • JOM JOM

      Many thanks for the kind words! The plan is to grow the audience of this blog, while keeping it fun.

  1. Avatar Cheryl Davis

    By the way, really diggin the kangaroo, with the boxing gloves! It’s a sure fit! lol

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