Mississippi Gravel Cup welcomes Lauf as the Presenting Partner for 2020

2020 Mississippi Gravel Cup press release

Ordinary Epics is excited to announce that Lauf will be joining Mississippi Gravel Cup as the
2020 Presenting Partner of the series, now in its third year. “Lauf has been all-in with Ordinary Epics from the beginning of our relationship, willing to join us in any adventure we put together”, said Jason Shearer, Co-Founder and Chief Adventure Officer of Ordinary Epics. “We believe this partnership is the normal evolution of two companies wholly committed to getting more people adventuring outside.” Lauf will have a fleet of demo bikes available at MGC races for anyone who would like to experience gravel on the True Grit, their versatile gravel and endurance racehorse. “It has been a pleasure working with the good folks at Ordinary Epics.”, said Gudberg Bjornsson, Founder and Chief Designer of Lauf. “They have a terrific thing going with the Mississippi Gravel Cup – building a gravel community and an experience that we want to stay a part of.”

2020 Mississippi Gravel Cup press release

The fastest-growing discipline in cycling today is gravel. This new style of riding has introduced more adventurers to cycling with more gravel-specific bikes, gear and events debuting this year than any year prior. 2020 continues to show the undeterred growth, with races across the U.S. scheduled for next year selling out before this calendar year ends.

2020 Mississippi Gravel Cup press release

The Mississippi Gravel Cup (MGC) is a four-race gravel series created by the Ordinary Epics Team in conjunction with race directors in each location. The MGC offers a premier gravel experience with each race in the series, offering 100 and 50-mile competitive distances as well as a 25-mile fun ride. The races are held in four different parts of the state so riders can enjoy different terrains for each race. Between the varying grades of gravel and the ever-changing course conditions, they provide just about anything a rider could ask for in a gravel series. Add to that the unique culture and personality that comes with those who love this type of course and format, and you’ll find yourself in the perfect place for an exciting and inspiring ride!

2020 Mississippi Gravel Cup press release

About Mississippi Gravel Cup

Mississippi Gravel Cup empowers gravel fans of every ability to experience the unique terrain found in Mississippi. Riders are invited to challenge themselves on four-course distances ranging from 25 to 100 miles for each race. Come experience unique gravel on our winding Mississippi roads in a place which is so proud of its welcoming, inclusive culture that it named itself ‘The Hospitality State’.

2020 Mississippi Gravel Cup press release

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  1. Avatar Joseph Mesilla

    Well it seems like this is just for wealthy people because the bikes come in around $5000 love to do the race series in great shape road rider and off-road rider and this is really how I ride a road bike suits my style but I’m not rich so another elitist sport like triathletes OK well I’ve got the least I can figure out how much is this is going to cost for four Races

    • JOM JOM

      You can build a bike for cheap… I reviewed a $600 bike earlier this year.

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