Maryland to Maine

During my recent road trip to the Dirty 40 race in Vermont, I went a little out of my way to visit friends, and cross off all of the New England States.  From Maryland, the trip went through Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts (stayed with my mate Josh and his lovely fiance, Rachel for the evening… G’day bloke!), Rhode Island, New Hampshire and into Portland, Maine.  I did a sweet road ride around Portland, stooging about the place with no particular plan, other than to enjoy the weather.  Along the way to Maine, I took a bunch of photos.  Check them out below

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[alpine-phototile-for-flickr src=”set” uid=”126879102@N04″ sid=”72157651405925765″ imgl=”flickr” style=”gallery” row=”15″ grwidth=”800″ grheight=”600″ size=”240″ num=”30″ shadow=”1″ highlight=”1″ curve=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]


  1. Kerry Duggan Kerry Duggan

    I belive I visited that lighthouse. Was it down the coast about 1/2 hour drive
    south of Portland? Big rocky beach with cool tidepools?
    I chatted with a family who told me about some really nice sandy beaches further down…
    they didn’t understand I liked their boulders as big as VW Bugs and cliffs to climb on. What is exciting about miles of flat silica for a Floridian?

  2. JOM JOM

    That’s the lighthouse K-Dogg. Rather than drive across the congested bridge out of downtown, I did a very pleasant ride to and from. I’m with you on the boulders. It is so relaxing watching the wave action pounding against the rocks. It reminded me of Kangaroo Island.

  3. Avatar Gerry B.

    You are a brave soul taking the left lane over the Delaware Memoriale bridge. I think you can see Russia from the top.

    The hill near the Rhode Island capitol was part of the defunct O’Douls crit from back in the mid 90’s. The hill was a good filter toward the end of the race.

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