VIDEO: Heartbreaker Cycling Invitational Pre-Ride 2015

Heartbreaker Preview 2015To help everyone attending the Heartbreaker Cycling Invitational, Gravel Cyclist, along with video footage supplied Randy Dosh, have produced a ride preview video.

Short Route – The first five dirt, limerock and gravel sectors are previewed.  Take special note about the sag stop, and your left turn for home.

Full Monty Long Route – Sectors five and beyond are previewed.

Please enjoy in High Definition, courtesy of YouTube.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Avatar moose

    I rode the short course — “Shortbreaker” in my Garmin — yesterday. It was in pretty good shape overall. Not as sandy as is possible.
    Anybody with thoughts on tire pressures out there??
    Should be fun this weekend.

    • JOM JOM

      Moose, if I ride a regular CX bike with my choice of tyre, I’ll be running 40psi front and rear.

      The rain this week promises to leave the course in primo condition. We rode the medium Worlds route tonight, no issues on the Michelin Jets.

      • Avatar moose

        My Clement LAS were almost bald.
        Just put on some MXPs. Like them on first impression.
        The LASs were great on hard pack, the pavement, and the grass course in Alachua but when it got soft they were a bit dodgy.
        Hopefully will get a chance to ride the second half of the course Wednesday or Thursday.

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