Featured Event: Skull 120 / 60 Gravel Grind Race – Burns, Oregon

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Harney County is home to endless opportunity for the self-sufficient back country traveler. Visitors who seek challenge and solitude will find these in abundance.

The Skull 120/60 Gravel Grind route highlights the county’s rugged character which sets rural #EasternOregon apart from the rest of the nation. From long mountainous ascents, to teeth-chattering and eye watering descents, breathtaking vistas, open rangeland, alpine forests, two stream crossings, and – of course – cattle guard after cattle guard, this gravel grind is testament to the rider’s grit and determination.

Routes traverse miles of Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service public lands, official sponsors of the Skull 120/60.

For more information and to register, visit the OFFICIAL SKULL 120/60 GRAVEL GRIND website. Race date is June 24, 2017.

SKULL 120:

Mileage = 123

Gravel Surface = 63.6 / 52%

Natural Surface = 15.6 / 13%

Pavement = 43.4 / 35%

Elevation Gain = 9,737 ft.

Average Grade = 2.7%

Max Grade = 13.6%

Includes 32 Cattleguards

Race Starts at 6am

3 Aid Stations – Predominately self-supported (SPOT devices will be provided)



Mileage = 61.5

Gravel Surface = 21.5 / 36%

Natural Surface = 21.7 / 36%

Pavement = 17.3 / 28%

Elevation Gain = 4,656 ft

Average Grade = 2.6%

Max Grade = 17.3%

Includes 15 Cattleguards

Race Starts at 7am

3 Aid Stations

Racers, friends and family are invited to a race after party with local beer and music.

Photos from the area:

8 comments on “Featured Event: Skull 120 / 60 Gravel Grind Race – Burns, Oregon

  1. JOM, this looks like a great race for you. It doesn’t appear to ever rain there unlike most of your last races.
    I’m just sayin’

    1. Rain follows me… even in my Aussie homeland, it has poured rain a couple of days during the usually dry summer. WTF.

      1. JOM,
        Are you….Gravel cycling’s “Rainmaker”? (aka Stephen Dorff: Power of One)

      2. You might be right. I noticed the weather in Emporia is getting worse
        the closer you drive toward it.
        Stop that shite!

  2. Good luck in Kansas you guys, have a safe and great ride….. meanwhile, The LAGG will be riding in -1C if he ventures out Saturday morning….. freezer bags and all….????

  3. If anyone has any questions regarding this race or nearby rides & accommodations, feel free to drop my a text anytime at 573.241.8231 or hit me up on IG @Adventure_By_Bike.

    Happy Trails.

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