Featured Event: Maneha 250

One of a Kind Mixed-Terrain Organized Adventure Ride

This ride pushes the bounds of riding skill, physical endurance, self-sustained preparedness, and mental mettle.

Boston, Massachusetts, April 12, 2017​: Overland Base Camp is again hosting the Maneha 250. This is the original mixed-terrain, organized, supported, bikepacking event in New England and it’s back for the 4th year in a row. The Maneha is a two-day one-night ride that covers 250-miles of the most diverse terrain in New England​; everything from primitive goat trails to beautifully paved roads. This year we are introducing a pavement only route, too.

On May 20th the Maneha 250, both the mixed terrain and road routes depart from Lexington, Massachusetts. The routes loop north into New Hampshire where riders will camp overnight at the beautiful ​Mayfair Farm​. On May 21st, riders will wake to a big breakfast, and then circle back to the start; the routes are essentially each one big loop.

This ride is equal parts challenge and fun. ​Three-time ride participant, Patria Lanfranchi, says, ​“I look forward to this ride all year long. It’s full of beautiful trails and it’s an amazing adventure! The 250 is just about the toughest and most rewarding ride I’ve done. The best part is riding into the camp at night. The feel of accomplishment mixed with great food and sharing the stories from everyone’s ride is so much fun.”

This ride asks for a lot. In return, it offers a lot. Once registered for the Maneha 250, each rider will receive all the details needed to have a fun, safe, and memorable adventure. During the ride, participants will receive endless great food, a peaceful campsite, rider camaraderie, tips and tricks on having successful multi-day bikepacking adventures, and more.

Overland Base Camp offers two full distance divisions and a​ One-Way 125-mile route. Registration is between $165 and $275 depending on when you register.

Often referred to as the ​“Trial by Fire,”​ the Maneha 250 is a test of mental and physical endurance. OBC’s Director of Riding Events, Mike Berlinger says, ​“The best rides are often the ones that push you past what you thought was possible. The Maneha 250 is definitely one of those rides.”

The Maneha 250’s namesake – pronounced [ˈmä-nāʹ-jə] – is an abbreviation of the two states through which the route meanders: ​Ma​ssachusetts and​ Ne​w ​Ha​mpshire. And, it’s a 250 mile ride.

Maneha 250 Details: ​https://www.overlandbasecamp.cc/maneha-250-ride-2017/
Register at: ​https://www.bikereg.com/maneha-250-2017

Maneha 250 | Mixed-Surface | 250 Miles | Bikepacking | 2 Days & 1 Night | Supported

Contact: Michael Berlinger
Email: [email protected]
Voice: 617-917-4622

About Overland Base Camp​: OBC is not a longitude and latitude; it’s the grounding to make special rides happen. Base Camp is the starting point for the most interesting mixed-surface cycling in New England. Base Camp is where the plans are made, the groups congregate, the ride begins, and the rides conclude. It is where we want to return after a long adventure.
Welcome to Overland Base Camp.
Welcome to adventure.


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