Crossing borders, not your average Friday ride

The day before a race, one should ride easy.  In my case, a Friday morning ride from Derby, Vermont and north into Canada by bicycle.  44 kilometres of planned goodness, with lots of gravel.

Crossing the border on a back road

Crossing the Canadian border at a lesser traversed immigration station can be a cool experience, especially on a bicycle.  The Canadian immigration officer took care of my passport check, and told me about the sweet cycling in the area.  In between the few incoming vehicles into Canada, we spent about half an hour chatting about cycling, culture and life in general.  A really nice welcome.  My return trip into the USA wasn’t as in depth, but the folks there were interested in hearing about my Canadian ride, and the Dirty 40 race.


It’s race time at the Dirty 40.  In the meantime, enjoy the photos I took during my ride into Canada.


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