Coming to Vancouver B.C., Canada: The Gravel Explorer aka BCBR Gravel

“The BC Bike Race (BCBR) is proud to announce its newest offering: The Gravel Explorer aka BCBR Gravel. This new event will take place in British Columbia’s Okanagan region, Sept 26-Oct 1, 2021. A new five-day stage-race classic is born!”

bcbr gravel race 2021

The Gravel Explorer race is about the spirit of adventure, a gravel grind with grit! In designing this route and picking this location the team at BCBR has set its sights on a brash and bold mix of everything a gravel bike is capable of. Your senses will tingle with excitement as you explore every nook and cranny available in this unique and special location.  Each stage will tell its own heroic story, something outside of the ordinary!

bcbr gravel race 2021

“Who else would you expect to throw all terrain adventure, multi-day gravel routes and everything under the beautiful Okanagan sky into a blender? Add hints of the Naramata bench wineries and a dash of singletrack- then uncork with panache – only the BC Bike Race”. Jon Bula, co-owner Bicicletta (Founding Sponsor).

bcbr gravel race 2021

This newest gravel race incarnation will certainly take some cues from the BC Bike Race: first it is slated to be five (5) epic days, the BC Bike Race has always focused on multi-day excursions and will stay true to its fifteen-year history. Secondly, the nature of the routes will aim to challenge the concept of what a gravel bike is capable of by situating in this region loaded with varied terrain – wineries, the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) and excellent off-road access – all these will guarantee a wide palate of cycling delights for all of the participants.

bcbr gravel race 2021

“Adding another event to our roster bookends BC’s riding season with a race in the early summer and now a race in the fall – we will add BCBR Gravel to our roster along with BC Bike Race the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience”. Dean Payne President of the BCBR.

Registration is open as at the time of this press release.


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