Featured Bike: Grava Bikes Maple Sally of Shawn Moore – Luna Cycles

Grava Bikes – “The origin story for most companies is a garage. Grava’s birthplace is a dirt road – Maple Sally Road to be specific”. Maple Sally Road is an 18 mile long gravel road that climbs, descends, twists and turns, over and over and over. JOM of Gravel Cyclist became intimately acquainted with this […]

VIDEO Interview: Jeff and Shawn of Luna Cycles – Course designers of the Bootlegger 100

JOM of Gravel Cyclist interviews Jeff and Shawn of Luna Cycles, founders and course designers of the Bootlegger 100. Filmed on the eve of the 2016 Bootlegger 100 at the host location of Luna Cycles in Lenoir, North Carolina. Be sure to check out Jeff and Shawn’s line of gravel bikes at GravaBike.com Thanks for […]