Race Report: 2016 Southern Cross – by Greg “FarmerG” Schisla

After last year’s weather delay (and other delays in past editions of the Southern Cross), the move of the race date forward to the start of March proved to be a good choice. Despite this, weather in the Georgia mountains maintained its reputation for being unpredictable. Case in point, I had ridden the new five mile […]

FarmerG’s Zukas Cycles CX Bike

Zukas Cycles CX Bike FarmerG is a cool dude.  He also happens to be a pretty handy bike racer, including wins and podiums in 2014 50+ UltraCX races such as Southern Cross and Hilly Billy Roubaix.  He also did some major arse kicking last weekend at the Sac O Suds 50. FarmerG is also pretty […]