VIDEO Interview: Nina Laughlin – 2nd overall and winner of the under 40 Women’s category at the 2016 Bootlegger 100 in Lenoir, North Carolina

JOM of Gravel Cyclist interviews Nina Laughlin, second overall and winner of the < 40 women’s category at the 2016 Bootlegger 100 gravel race in Lenoir, North Carolina. Race report and video from JOM’s perspective. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to Like the Gravel Cyclist Facebook page, follow G.C. on Instagram and subscribe to our Youtube […]

VIDEO: 2016 Bootlegger 100 Gravel Race – Lenoir, North Carolina

Sunday, May 1, 2016, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew went out of his comfort zone, and raced 100+ miles and 10,500 feet of climbing in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina – at the 2016 Bootlegger 100. A wee bit of rain fell… catch JOM’s race report HERE. Without further do, please enjoy the Bootlegger […]

VIDEO Interview: Jeff and Shawn of Luna Cycles – Course designers of the Bootlegger 100

JOM of Gravel Cyclist interviews Jeff and Shawn of Luna Cycles, founders and course designers of the Bootlegger 100. Filmed on the eve of the 2016 Bootlegger 100 at the host location of Luna Cycles in Lenoir, North Carolina. Be sure to check out Jeff and Shawn’s line of gravel bikes at Thanks for […]