Australia 2014 / 2015: Gravel Roads in the Barossa Valley, South Australia

Hi readers, greetings from my home state of South Australia!  Rather than explain the Barossa Valley, simply click the highlighted link.  Wikipedia does a much better job of explaining the region than I ever could. Onto the ride. 121 kilometres, or 75+ miles if you prefer, with the route departing Gawler, and rolling through the […]

Australia 2014/ 2015: Gravel Cyclist is Down Under

While most people spent their Christmas Eve with family, friends, or having a drink at the pub, I was boarding a Qantas Airlines flight from Dallas, Texas, bound for Sydney, Australia.  At 16 hours in duration, this is the world’s longest commercial flight. Because of how timezones and the International Date line works, departing the […]