Take the Gravel Less Traveled to Rebecca’s Private Idaho: A photo essay by Wil Matthews

Commissioned by WD-40BIKE

Rebecca Rusch, Queen of Pain.

“I love my mountain home in Ketchum, Idaho and I want everyone to know the reasons why,” says Rebecca Rusch. “Join me for a gravel-strewn, grit-filled, pedal-cranking love letter from me and my Idaho home to the rest of the world.”

And the fifth edition of Rebecca’s Private Idaho event was just that: A love note sealed by a kiss of Idaho, with Rusch’s homegrown promise to provide a perfect path through your choice of 50 or 100 miles of pristine countryside — addressed to any rider who’s bike and body are prepared for the adventure.

For one weekend a year, Rusch facilitates a private Idaho just for you — complete with supported feed stations, tool kit, floor pump, as well as providing first aid and communications all along the way.

Personal medical service and World Champion sutures-tending to Tom Taylor of Sports Illustrated.
Riders climb toward the summit of Trail Creek Road.
Jenny Parks expended her fair share of energy at the Dollarhide Mountain TT.
The pain of the Dollarhide TT leaves the body of Chris Keiser.

Michelle Parker takes a break at the Frenchman’s Bend hot spring on Big Wood River, one of the countless wilderness hot springs surrounding Ketchum.
Dirt tan lines ready for cleansing in the springs.
Ready to roll for the main event.
Smooth before the dirty.
Rebecca’s Private Idaho, #thegravellesstraveled

Antique #idaho buckle spotted at a remote support stop at @rebasprivateidaho #thegravellesstravled
Kemi King earned a badge of courage on the rough gravel roads somewhere deep in the Copper Basin.
Not a bad view anywhere.
The Head Rusch: Post-race recovery drink, Idaho style.
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Dirt and grime washes off, courtesy of the WD-40 Bike cleanup station
Alison Tetrick buckles it down.
The Queen at Gelände Quaffing – Beer challenge games.

Photos by Wil Matthews.

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