Colin Strickland and Amity Rockwell Win 2019 Garmin Dirty Kanza 200

2019 Edition of The World’s Premier Gravel Race Brings 2700 Riders to Kansas’ Flint Hills

Emporia, Kansas: Colin Strickland and Amity Rockwell were crowned the 2019 King and Queen of Kanza, winning the 14th Garmin Dirty Kanza 200, owned and produced by Life Time, the premier healthy lifestyle brand.

This is the first DK title for both Strickland and Rockwell, they bested the most competitive men’s and women’s fields the Dirty Kanza 200 has seen to date, which included a number of WorldTour professional cyclists; Olympians; and national and world champions in cyclocross, road and mountain biking.

The 2019 course, regarded by organizers as the toughest they’ve created, covered 201.7 miles through some of the Flint Hills’ most beautiful and remote roads, challenging riders with chunky gravel and deep ruts (made deeper by recent rains).

“Each and every one of the 2700 riders that pinned on a number at this year’s event has our admiration,” said longtime organizer and Chief Gravel Officer Jim Cummins. “As they always do, the Flint Hills served up a number of challenges that Amity and Colin overcame with the skill and perseverance required of a DK champion. We’re proud to name them as the Queen and King of Kanza.”

Garmin Dirty Kanza 200 Women’s Top Five
1. Amity Rockwell (San Francisco, CA)
2. Alison Tetrick (Petaluma, CA)
3. Sarah Max (Bend, OR)
4. Kae Takeshita (Itasca, IL)
5. Olivia Dillon (Fairfax, CA)

Garmin Dirty Kanza 200 Men’s Top Five
1. Colin Strickland (Austin, TX)
2. Peter Stetina (Santa Rosa, CA)
3. Alex Howes (Louisville, CO)
4. Lachlan Morton (Louisville, CO)
5. Payson McElveen (Durango, CO)

A full list of official results, including race results for the DK100 and DKXL (350) is available via Athlinks here.

More Dirty Kanza Highlights for 2019

  • DK100 Men’s Winner: Ashton Lambie
  • DK100 Women’s Winner: Lauren Stephens
  • DKXL (350 Miles) Men’s Winner: Jay Petervary
  • DKXL (350 Miles) Women’s Winner: Lael Wilcox
  • DK High School Men’s: Lucas Stierwalt
  • DK High School Women’s: Oona Nelson

Interesting fact: Both DK200 winners were aboard Allied Cycle Works’s all-new Able gravel bike. Catch the scoop on the Able at this link.

Select Images by Linda Guerrette Photography

Colin Strickland takes the win at DK200 for 2019.
Amity Rockwell crosses the line for the women’s win at 2019 DK200.
dirty kanza 200 2019 results
Addison Zawada pushes his way to the DK200 SS win.
dirty kanza 200 2019 results
The always smiling Jay Petervary!
dirty kanza 200 2019 results
The 2019 DK200 gets underway!
dirty kanza 200 2019 results
Jay Petervary hard at work.
dirty kanza 200 2019 results
Beauty and desolation at Dirty Kanza.
dirty kanza 200 2019 results
Riders cross one of the early water features.
dirty kanza 200 2019 results
Kansas is far from flat.
dirty kanza 200 2019 results
Never underestimate the difficulty of Dirty Kanza.

Dirty Kanza

Linda Guerrette Photography

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  1. That is going to sell a lot of those sweet looking elevated chain stay bikes!

    1. This was the press release I received and all the info I have available at the moment. However, I may have a rider report from XL coming soon… stay tuned.

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      Segue for a moment to DK itself… I have a ride report and video to produce from my perspective, mostly a mega fail of epic proportions complete with knackered stomach, puke and naps. I think readers will find that of interest, I hope you do as well.

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